The Smoothness in the Meetings

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Plymouth city council has been involved in meetings with the committee mainly being concerned in planning on what activities to be carried out in the city. The planning committee meets every four weeks at 4 p.m. in the council house. The meeting always focuses on the aim of public speaking in the meetings that they carry out. The smoothness in the meeting comes since the procedures that are considered in the committee enables one to express the views that one has on planning matters by giving an opportunity to a specific person at a time to speak to the councilors during the meeting of the council.The meeting that was carried out on Monday 30th at 2.00 pm 2012 has smoothness. The smoothness has mainly been contributed to by the constitution since those that attend the meeting are expected to follow what is stated by the constitution and those that fail to follow the constitution are always not allowed to attend the meeting. Confirmation of previous minutes was done by Councilor Lowry to be correct when there was a misunderstanding on some of the issues. Smoothness in a meeting is caused by the cooperation that occurs in those that attend the meeting and following the rules that are set to be followed during the meeting. In the council, the constitution makes respect to be in the meeting and those that try to go against.There was attendance by, most of the council members. The members that attended the meeting were Mary Aspinall, Richard Bell, Sam Davey, Jill Dolan, Jonathan Drean, Tudor Evans, Ken Foster, Wendy Foster, and Mike Fox among other councilors. There are those that sent apologies to include Glenn Jordan, Patrick Nicholson, Stephen Ricketts, and Nick Williams. Both the chair and vice-chair were present at the meeting. The people that attend the meeting are those that all play important roles in the meeting if not in the city council. Those that always attend the meeting are applicants, third party supporters if not agents, and a third party objector.