The Significance of the Theme of Isolation as Depicted in Stories

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The principal reason of this essay is to reveal the theme of isolation in the stories of the Hands and the Horse Dealer’s Daughters by Anderson and Lawrence respectively. This essay also looks into the impact of isolation and loneliness to various characters in the stories. Further, there is also the author’s say about the themes. Finally, there is a recommendation regarding the choice of themes to date writers.Anderson’s story is about Wing Biddlebaum, an old man and retired teacher who has only one friend George Willard (Anderson). Due to the state of being lonely, Wing thinks of George as the only person to help have an easy going. On the other hand, the story of Lawrence entails information concerning Mabel, who later in life is under depression due to the death of her mother. The story line also shows Fergusson as a man with no passionate feelings towards women. However, the prevailing situations make Mabel and Fergusson meet and commence a life together.Isolation refers to a situation where an individual is emotionally affected. Several individuals assume that other people in the society have no concern about them and may offer no assistance when in problems. The story of the Horse Dealer’s Daughter entails Mabel and Fergusson, who are the main characters who point up the theme of isolation. The theme comes out in some conditions in the lives of the characters. On the other hand, the story of Anderson encompasses the characters Wing and George revealed to bring out the loneliness character trait. The choice of words by different writers helps determine the traits in a story.In order to bring out themes in a story, there have to be several characters. For instance, in the Horse Dealer’s Daughter story, Fergusson well illustrates the isolation theme while Mabel illustrates the theme of loneliness.