The Significance of Ben’s Chili Bowl

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Cars start pouring into the parking lot. As the morning comes to its full glory, the diner is jam packed, the staff trained by Pa and Ma Ben, bustle about, behind the counters, serving while a Motown playing juke box sets the rhythm. The place has the comfortable 1958 feel, look and tastes. The chili is the same, ‘fresh and homemade with love. Even all the furniture is original, as demanded by fanatic patrons. Big modern flat screen TVs adorn the walls of its branches but it is the historic pictures of family and the famous patrons over the years that people look at inside The Bowl’’. You want the old home and hearth of good old America, its Ben’s you come to. A treasure kept suspended in time from the flower days. That’s what earned it the won the James Beard Foundation recognition as an American Classic,All Washington comes here to dine and chat. Tourists on trips, cops on beats, newsmen on prowl, lorry drivers, cabbies, college students, business magnates, neighborhood folks, musicians and artists all hang out here. Business men and uniformed staff slip in for breakfast before work, Men and women sipping coffee and eating cheese grits or toast before going to work. .Workers and tourists come in for lunch and burger gobblers come at night. The staff dance and pose for pictures. Its crazy hours, anywhere from 6 in the morning to 2 or 3, the next day, are designed to fit all and sundry, even the night clubbers who home in at these wee hours.Barbershop Everyone is family, owners, staff, and guests. Bens is like a popular barbershop or beauty salon, a place where a janitor sits next to a judge, where the regulars gather to gossip, laugh, and joke. Just random people having random conversations, Nizam Ali (son of Ben Ali) said. Alternatively, in his Mother’s words a social melting pot, the crowd is increasing of all hues [Alexander, Keith L].