The Service Quality in Bunzl Limited from the Customers’ Perspective

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It opens up a battle of supremacy between the workers’ union and the management. Watsons also has unnecessarily huge number of managers (actually 40) when the total workforce is just 200. It is impractical to have such a small company having 20 percent of the workforce at the management level. This means there is too much control and pressure towards the ordinary workers. As suggested, Managing Director Gordon Watson operates in a hands-off style where he rarely ventures in the shop-floor. It seems he has added many boxes in the chart so as to be left with little work to do. Organisational design is almost synonymous to organisational architecture. This architecture is designed to enable the company to realise its objectives as outlined in both its mission and vision. It acts as the basic infrastructure that supports all business processes and it should enable the company to take advantage of its core qualities (Triplett 2007). Watsons fails hugely also in this respect owing to the fact that it operates without a concrete mission or vision. HM Consulting is depicted as a successful company that has changed with the changing business environment by adopting better organisational structure and design. Considering its large global presence in 120 countries, the company has to have a reliable and practical organisation design and structure. Unlike Watsons, HM Consulting has more than 13,000 workers meaning that handling all of them is a daunting and tricky task. For this company to be as successful as it is today, it has employed a networked structure with project teams. Most of its operations revolve around managing projects by their engineering experts or… Managing an organisation is not easy especially when operating in an international platform. Nevertheless, this needs not be an excuse for firms’ failure to persistently produce impressive results. There are many international firms that are doing well. However, looking deeply into reasons behind either performance or lack of it, it is clear to see that a great deal lies in the way a firm is managed. Contrary to the popular believe that employees can determine failure or success of a firm, they only do so as secondary participants as they simply act as agents of the management. Therefore, when employees constantly fail to deliver the responsibility should first fall on the management. Issues like organisational design and structure, extent and nature of teamwork, approaches to leadership and management and organisational culture need to be considered and formulated carefully for an organisation to achieve meaningful positive performance on a sustainable basis.