The Selection Process

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Teacher The Selection Process There are six steps in the selection process. They are obtaining complete application forms, 2) conducting initial and follow-up interviews, 3) giving employment tests, 4) conducting background investigations, 5) obtaining results from physical exams, 6) establishing a trial period of employment. All have their place of importance, but the latter ones are only important following the successful completion of those that precede them. An interview, despite its importance in the hiring process, will not matter if no application is completed. Following a successful application, interviews are arranged. During the interview, one observes how a potential employee conducts him or herself. Did the person show up on time? While in the waiting area, did he or she pick up the copy of the Wall Street Journal or Redbook? Or, was texting on one’s phone more important? Is this person prepared to interview? When asked, ‘tell me about yourself?’ is the reply, ‘what do you want to know?’ or has a thirty-second ad of sorts been established so as to market the candidates strengths? If the initial interview goes poorly, there will be no need for a follow-up, making, in this case, unimportant.