The Safe Guarding of the Child

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Domestic violence, bullying, racism, sexual abuse, segregation, and exploitation are some of the concerns of child protective agencies, and these issues are also explored within the pages of this research. In summarization of this literature, it is apparent children are our Nations future and their protection and welfare should prove to be the number one concern of the Government.One program in the UK that provides a very concise and clear perception of what child protection and safety really care and how it works is, ‘The Working Together to Safeguard Children’ campaign that was first orchestrated in 1999 (Smith 2002, p.1). This program depicts protecting children and ensuring their well being as social aspects that go hand and hand, not separated. After all, the concept is to guarantee that children are in a good, well structured, and nurturing environment and this is indicative of a positive, well balanced, and safe lifestyle for the child to grow and learn. Both of these areas make up a good deal of managing child protection. However, there are pitfalls in this realm due to the fact that management of children’s well being is not spread widely enough and only concentrates on certain aspectual points, not nearly quantifiable enough to make certain there are no adverse issues, possibly promoting a danger or threat to the child. (Wilson, 2003) The three main categories that need to be considered for reform to efficiently protect children are as follows:The case management framework fails to consider the links between the protection of individual children in a limited range of circumstances and the broader systems and influences which impact on their safety.