The Role of Women in Islam

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The Muslims need to obey this Shariah in order to spend their lives and in accordance with the same, they carry out clean activities and good deeds to please the Lord Almighty Allah.

The first position that has been taken in this paper thus suggests that women have an equal right in nearly all the day-to-day activities of Islamic life and thus they stand shoulder to shoulder with their men, be they their husbands, sons, fathers or brothers [Schimmel, 1992]. Thus this view is totally backed on the liberal stance, which is also very rightly followed by different religions all over the world. However, one needs to understand that this liberalism and a sense of freedom does not guarantee that she can roam around with any and everybody and go out without having a veil over her body. This is the point where real liberty seems to crop up when we compare the Islamic point of view with that of the West. People in the Christian communities and western circles believe that going out and dating, meeting new people for their women is an open and common thing yet Islam does not allow the same. It has certain restrictions, which need to be followed in order to have a society, which can be easily remarked as being close to that of a welfare one. Thus the term was coined as the ‘Welfare State’ that takes all these points into consideration.

Another interpretation of the status of women in Islam takes rise from the fact that these Muslim scholars are not willing to give the women equal rights at all [Stowasser, 1994]. These people are the ones whom the world trademarks like the ‘fanatics’ or the ‘terrorists’ as they have been carrying out their extremist acts of violence be the same in the United States, Kenya or any other nation of the world. These people think that women are there just to serve their children and they must feed those at all odd times of the day while sitting at home, without even taking a step out of their homes at all.