The Role Of Systems And Simulation

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The process management is recognized to be one of the most important tools for developing better operational management as well as a performance of a company. In order to maintain the business process in a smooth manner, every company has developed its own process. Most of the companies have built their own process charts such as producing the widget, paying vendor administering payroll and much more. Contextually, it is evident that Wal-Mart has also played a vital role in preparing its own process management. The process name six sigma has been regarded as a more critical organizational process that includes a large number of operational activities of the organizations has been implemented within the operations of Wal-Mart (Grewal, 1-3). It is notable that the concept of process management is recognized to be one of the most important concepts of managing the operations of the business in the most efficient manner. Through the implication of six sigma techniques of process management, the company has been able to reduce its additional cost within the business. It will be worth mentioning that the strategy of sig sigma is recognized to be more efficient in reducing extra cost of the company. In this regard, the company has decided to implement the six sigma process within the logistics department. Apparently, it can be stated that Wal-Mart is recognized to be successful in establishing sustainable supply chain management with the help of a new concept name six sigma (Cengage Learning 1-2).