The Role of Social Media as a PR Tool

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The paper tells that the choice of the social media platform as a component of the public relation strategy for VIVA is based on strong grounds. It does not only bring together friends, families, colleagues and acquaintances together but also strangers in remarkable number through its networking characteristic. It is important to note that, in Bahrain, Internet is available to 961,228 users or about 77% of the entire population. The statistics place the country as a regional Internet leader, besting most countries in the Middle East in terms of subscription, usage and freedom of access. This underpins how the social media enjoys strong popularity in the country, figuring prominently in recent upheavals such as the 2013 unrest. Depending on the point of view, such role could be positive or negative. But, for the purposes of this paper, this role is most certainly beneficial. It highlights the potency of social media as a communication tool and its ability to persuade or influence VIVA’s market to action. This proposal is divided into four parts: the objectives of the study, the literature review, methodology and the method of analysis. The first section outlines four proposed research goals. The literature review section cites and analyzes the available sources that cover the theoretical and empirical work on social media and its capability as public relations tool. The materials used include secondary and primary sources, consisted of documents published by the organization as well as books, journals and online content.