The Role of Priests in the Church

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The profession is not to receive honors but to dedicate their lives to the service of God, the pastoral ministry, and humanity. They should lead a simple life in a spirit of self-denial. Things should be given up knowingly and willingly. The burdens and responsibilities of the job should be clearly known before coming into this vocation. The virtues that a priest needs for ministering in the Church are sincerity of mind, a constant concern for justice, fidelity to one’s promises, refinement in manners, modesty in speech coupled with charity. The Pope no more has any jurisdiction over the Church in England. While the selection procedure, the basic training, and practices remain the same, the priests today look at this traditional occupation as a profession. This essay would examine the changes that have taken place in the Church. It would also determine what sort of theological training is necessary for a priest to shoulder his responsibilities.Before understanding the role of priests, it would help to know the attitude and beliefs of the people towards religion and Christianity. Religion is on the decline and the pews are empty. A report by The Children’s Society (2003) states that spirituality has a very positive effect on the well being of young people. The report found that three-fourths of the young people who pray daily have a sense of purpose in life compared to the 40% who never pray. Fifty percent of those who never pray even consider committing suicide. The Reverend Baroness Richardson of Calow, Chairman of the Commission on Urban Life and Faith has rightly said, Spirituality is too often taken for granted, but when it is absent, the results clearly show a negative mark on young peoples well-being. Religion and spirituality of urban young people can definitely enhance their well-being, but what exactly is the reason for their turning away from religion and spirituality?