The Role of Personality Traits in Predicting Future Job Performance

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To prove this point, however, some studies need to be explored with a special focus on personality traits and how they can be used as predictors of future job performance.Thompson (2005) in particular reviewed past literature about personality on the job and found out that proactive personality tends to boost job performance. This has been influenced by the employee’s interaction with other individuals as well as the degree of self-motivation or initiative that they exhibit. The research was conducted among 126 employees with a 1:1 proportion with their supervisors. Data were obtained by sending out survey questionnaires to randomly selected alumni of business schools and their respective supervisors. Out of the 2,718 letters containing questionnaires, the ones who responded yielded a number of 202 from the alumni and 126 from the supervisors.Proactive personality, network building, organizational initiative-taking, and performance were the areas appraised by the questionnaire. A factor analysis was used. The path model that placed a vital mediating role on network building between proactive personality and job performance was also tested using the Structural Equation Model (Thompson, 2005). Analysis of the data gathered and presented confirmed the existence of a connection between being proactive and performing well on the job. In particular, a proactive personality trait is a good predictor of the individual’s implementation of his initiative in the organization.Individuals with proactive personality are typically those who try to seek for solutions to organizational concerns at their own level even if it is already beyond what has been stated in their job description (Thompson 2005). This implies that employees who deal with the problems in a positive manner are able to carry out their tasks well in comparison to those who would just complain over administrative shortcomings. There are even those who will go out of their way to plan out and impose major programs that will address the needs of the organization.This kind of proactive attitude allows employees to go back and focus on their tasks while the administration is also able to work on the more pressing concerns after other areas have already been covered by the proactive employees.