The Role of Intersubjectivity in Telecommunication

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A group of scientists discussing the effects of a certain kind of drug and coming up with an agreement is said to be an intersubjective agreement.
Basically, as the name suggests, intersubjectivity is the agreement between two or more people on a subject of contradiction. In most cases, it is applied almost in everyday life. It plays a significant role in dispute resolution and is often used to calm warring parties. Intersubjectivity, according to studies, does not have to be done verbally since it also entails the aspect of mental energy. An example of intersubjectivity in the aspect of emotional energy is often reflected in burial ceremonies where attendants are often in sombre and sad moods. Another example of intersubjectivity is the strong affection between two people in the case of mutual attraction based on love. In reference to the above-named examples, interconnectivity is portrayed as not being confined to verbal talks only (Tan, 1986).
In psychoanalysis, intersubjectivity is seen in the ability of mothers to communicate with their infant babies without literally speaking. This study of intersubjectivity in psychoanalysis is seen as the pillar to healthy relationships even in schools between students and their tutors. In philosophy, the duality between oneself and another being has been researched for a long time by philosophers. In phenomenology, intersubjectivity helps researchers feel other people’s feelings through their own bodies.
Intersubjectivity helps in a cognitive interaction between parties. it helps one clearly understand whether they have similarities in their thoughts, or whether the other party shares similar beliefs. People also use intersubjectivity to focus and summarize information and draw inferences on a certain topic. Obama, for instance, used intersubjectivity in gaining his political seat by passing his ideas effectively to the voters who then passed the ideas among themselves and drew the inference that his views were better.