The Role of InternetEnabled Platforms for Entrepreneurial Firms

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102500 The paper highlights the implications of using internet-based services as well as other technological means for managing information resources in the business. On the other hand, Lawson and Samson considered the enhancement of innovation capability of a firm and the approaches for doing the same in their paper Developing Innovation Capability in Organisations: A Dynamic Capabilities Approach. The paper argues the point that innovation management can be included within organisational capabilities. Sullivan and Weerawardena in Networking capability and international entrepreneurship: How networks function in Australian born global firms concentrated on the process of internationalization of small firms with the help of innovation and technological means. The factors driving the SMEs to expand their marketplace and the role of networking were the key themes of the paper. This paper helps in understanding the roles of entrepreneurs in a larger market and how they use their technological resources for driving results. Realizing Product-Market Advantage in High-Technology International New Ventures: The Mediating Role of Ambidextrous Innovation Hughes et al. (2010) analyzed the role of the ambidextrous innovation process in the strategic decision-making and performance of firms in relation to high-technological use. Apart from these resources, other journals used in the study also conform to the criteria of ABS. The researcher has ensured that all the sources are authentic and cited in other academic papers also.