The Role of Design Studies in Development

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Today’s designer chooses from economy, politics, and environment their field of profession thus creating awareness to more and more people, in other words, helping the world and making people realize what is happening and what will be the future. Designers always have the approach to do good whether designing anything. The designers open up the negative feeling and the happenings around. They are truly helping people making them realize what the need of the hour is (Duff 2009). The designers focus on things to change them. They observe and focus on almost every detail as possible. The power of vision is much greater than that of words. The visualization of a problem is far more convincing than of speaking and telling. (Manav 2009). 1.2 Design studies and development: The designs, new and improved continue to appear for generations and years giving the same thought a different perspective and meaning making it more attractive thus leading it to more progress. The main promotion areas for the design are in expos, trade fairs and museums. (Mattew 2013). 1.2.1 First world countries: Keeping an eye of the aspects of the first world countries the thought prompts that why the First world does solve third world’s problems when it already has its own. Carolina Vallejo launched a competition entitled Design for the First World. She specified the problems like the production of food, eating disorders, aging, population, low birth rate, over-consumption and many more. She mentions why is the first world helping the third world when such problems already persist in. she surveyed for the solution of the first world problems in her thesis. Vallejo says that she is not discouraging the designers for their efforts, it’s just that the water, education, medicine and electricity are the problems of the first world too, why not to focus upon them first and others later. She says that the First World needs to focus on its problems now or later. in future it might not become the case that the First World needs help. It should be the designers who should be tackling the situation and knowing that what impact such a thing would have (Good 2010). It is not the responsibility of the First World countries to help out others when we already need to look for the problems ourselves (Funds for NGOs 2012 ) 1.2.2 Third world countries: The third world countries are reliant upon the first world countries although the first world country for sure has its interest in it. Thus an aid is provided to solve their political, scientific, infrastructural and economic problems. Most outstanding are the water and education. Removing the impurities and making the water potable is a great gift for these people as it helps in drinking, irrigation and reduces the effects of diseases and viruses. As far as tutoring is concerned educating the residents would make a better, protected and brighter future. It will remove the odds as literacy rate shines in the sky. The design technology and studies benefits the third world countries. One of my friends who studies Design and Technology, is designing a game in her class, for Red Cross to enhance people’s awareness and knowledge of disaster preparedness in the face of flooding, drought and other climate change related issues in Uganda. Moreover, my friend told me that,