The Role of Corporations in Nazi Germany

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The German dictator is popularly known for his involvement in World War 2 and many studies have concentrated on the involvement of the German military and their alliances but it should be noted that corporations also played a big role in the development of Nazi Germany as well (Evans, 2008). Without the involvement of the corporations, Nazi Germany would have never been able to achieve the status that they acquired before they were eventually defeated. Corporations played various roles in Nazi Germany and it can be said that they enabled the Reich to gain the economic standing that allowed them to fund the war that they waged against the allied forces (Bowler amp. Morus, 2010). Without the success of these corporations, Nazi Germany would have had a hard time establishing their rule over their conquests. Some of the areas that corporations played a role in Nazi Germany included.The advancements that were made in technology-enabled various operations in Nazi Germany to operate more efficiently than was previously possible (Bowler amp. Morus, 2010). These advancements were made by various corporations that were present in Nazi Germany at the time and played a role in ensuring that various activities held by the Reich were performed successfully and at times at a cheaper cost (Evans, 2008). One of the corporations that played a big role in this development was IBM through its German subsidiary Dehomag. The name of the subsidiary was an acronym for Deutsche Hollerith-Maschinen Gesellschaft mbH and was responsible for the introduction of punch cards in Nazi Germany which were implemented to great success in areas such as the train transport that was a large part of the transport activities that were undertaken by the German army (Bowler amp. Morus, 2010).Dehomag was responsible for the leasing as well as the maintenance of the punch cards and the card punch machines that were used in Germany (Bowler amp. Morus, 2010).