The Rise and Fall of the Susquehanna Indian Tribe of Pennsylvania

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c. Research was conducted through a variety of library books and internet sources to determine what was known about the tribe as well as what was known about how various tribes necessarily made their living in this region.II. A great deal of the early history of the American continent has been lost thanks to the annihilation of great Indian nations such as the Susquehanna, forcing us to examine other tribes for clues as to their way of life.a. Although little is known about the Susquehanna Indian tribe itself, much about the way in which they must have lived can be deduced by examining the traditions and customs of other tribes that lived in their region.b. Environment also must have played a vital role in the way the Susquehanna ordered their lives, including the types of dwellings they preferred to live in, their chief mode of transportation and their principle daily activities. as well as the restrictions or freedoms their environment must have imposed.III. What is known about the Susquehanna tribe illustrates a well-developed societal system that integrated with other tribes of the area on a regular basis well before the coming of the European explorers.a. Known information about the Susquehanna tribe indicates their general locations along the Susquehanna River as well as their preferred location as a warrior tribe, earning them high status of authority among the other tribes of the area.b. Early records that acknowledge the tribe’s existence bear proof of their importance, such as records of treaties between the colonists and tribal elders and journal entries regarding the major towns belonging to this tribe.IV. Like many native peoples of the Americas, the Susquehanna tribe disappeared shortly after the arrival of the European colonists, although, unlike other tribes, this wasn’t entirely caused by the arrival of