The Response of Popular Culture to the Economic Downturn

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Popular culture: Introduction: Nachbar (1992) defines popular culture as the cultural texts proposed by communication media and are used in everyday life, there are various forms of popular culture and they include films, music, fashion and advertisements. Popular culture is related with commercial products whereby the mass media proposes it in order to sell products, another characteristic is that it is continuously changing and evolving. This paper focuses on the response of popular culture to the economic downturn and whether popular culture still offers refuge to nostalgia.
Popular culture:
Popular culture has been affected in various ways by the economic downturn, the recession has led to job losses in many industries and this has affected the per capita income and production, popular culture has responded by emphasizing on the current situation in the economy, this include job losses and the effects of the crisis on the banking sector, music and films have also concentrating on the crisis example according to MSNBC (2009) J Zay a rapper flash the Euro currency instead of dollars in his recent video and this shows that the dollar is weak due to the current financial crisis. Films on the other hand have also concentrating on the financial crisis example the documentary named breadlines and Champagne
Given the current situation in economy popular culture has been a refuge to nostalgia, popular culture has in the recent past been viewed as a reminder of the past which is seen to be better than the current situation in the economy.
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