The Regulation of Free Speech

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It is that right of the people which guarantees them the right to speak along with the right to express their views without any encumbrances or inhibitions whatsoever. The concept of free speech emancipated from the times of the Greek where it was considered a noble duty on the part of the Government to provide this right to the people. However, as always, the people had to face regulation and it hampered the teachings of Aristotle who was abused as a tyrant spreading wrong knowledge and information among the people.
Freedom of speech and expression forms an important part of our human rights. If this is snatched away or controlled by the Government in quantities only they decide then it will not only dampen the spirits of the people it will also result in the failure of democracy.
Free speech has been an important concept in the survival of any democracy. It is that idea which lets people voice their opinions of the Government, which is in place on the basis of their votes. As we all know, democracy is Government of the people, for the people and by the people. However, this is an ideology, which needs teeth in implementation, and free speech is that marker which allows the people to relate themselves to the democratic Government.
For any democracy to thrive, it is imperative that people are allowed to speak and direct their views on the performance of the Government so that the Government, in turn, listens to them, and implements the ideas propounded by the people in a constructive manner. However, the most important question in this research paper is whether regulation will maintain the sanctity and the potency of free speech? This shall be answered in the following part.