The Reasons of Abolishing Marriage

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The other thing that is proposed by the author of the article is to allow marriage between two men of the same sex, to let three men get married, or let a person marry himself etc. This argument destroys the notion of a civil marriage as of a cell integrated into the society and, to some extent, detached from the adjacent cells. It is necessary to have a definition of what marriage is, of the relations that connect the spouses and the nature of the relations between them. Originally the marriage as the social institution was seen as a union of a man and woman who love each other and join to live together and give birth to children. This understanding of the marriage and family defined traditional state policies that are directed to the support of families and the kids. In case this traditional notion of the marriage is lost, the social system of supporting the family will be destroyed and replaced by nothing. The sense of a family as regards to the society in general will be lost also.
As the author admits, the abolishing of the civil marriage may lead to a mess in the sphere of the relations between the members of the family in case of living together, as well as in case of divorce. Moreover, it would be impossible to define the degree of the responsibility that in civil marriage lies upon the parents towards their children. The questions concerning the inheritance often confuse the judges at present, so it is impossible to conceive what the situation would be when nobody knows what relations connect the members of the so-called family.