The Quality Of Water in Our Ecological System

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The first article is titled ‘Water quality report targets phosphorus’ and it has been written by Susan Milton for the Cape Cod Times. It is a recent article since it first appeared in the month of August 2007 and there are several implied messages in the article itself. The first one which comes across directly within the title is the idea that phosphorus can hurt the quality of water in a region and the writer is quick to note that, If you want an easy way to help the environment, use a phosphorus-free dishwashing detergent (Milton, 2007, Pg. 1).It is indeed quite successful in passing on this message because the readers are given results of a scientific study which shows that chemicals such as phosphorus in the water may be affecting the quality of water in the region. However, the article is certainly not alarmist since Milton writes that, The good news for Harwich is that nitrogen from the ponds area isn’t a threat to the public water supply wells. The ponds act as nitrogen sinks and are doing a wonderful job in protecting the wells from nitrogen (Milton, 2007, Pg.1). However, she does warn residents of the area to avoid using detergents that contain phosphorus to wash dishes.Interestingly enough, an article that might be considered alarmist comes from the Detroit Free Press under the title, ‘Great Lakes water is an asset that Michigan must protect’. This article contains snippets of viewpoints from several different local writers and the words they use are quite an alarmist. For example, Ken Schneider says that Its been noted that within 50 years, water will become an issue much like oil is today (, 2007, Pg.1 ). Undoubtedly, it also contains some important information such as bottled water companies selling water which basically taps water by using marketing campaigns and scare tactics which suggest that regular tap water may not be safe for drinking.