The Profession of Assistant Practitioner

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82000 The assistant practitioner works along with qualified team support that is involved in managing and coordinating activities to carry forward health care. The authority is required to undertake certain physiological measures and observations, and then propose a remedial action accordingly. The assistant practitioner is also required to provide teaching and learning assistance to subordinates. It is also part of the assistant practitioner to undertake clinical review processes as per conditions and requirements. The practitioner under his/her capacity is further urged to assist and support the relevant staff during their development phase. The practitioners are required to abide by the Trust core standards and procedures, the staffs are further responsible for their personal awareness related to clinical and personal development. The practitioners are provided with an option to adopt and apply the new techniques of practice depending upon the circumstances and relevant practices. The practitioners are urged to review professional clinical supervision to further enhance and improve their clinical practice. It is the responsibility of the practitioner to promote a healthy lifestyle in an active manner and contribute towards the service development under limited capacity. The practitioners on the basis of their experience have the authority to participate and involve in the recruitment and retention process of their group. The practitioners are provided with an opportunity to undertake therapeutic activities, and if required should also undertake nursing procedures, after seeking relevance guidance and supervision of the registered professional in the clinical setup. It is mandatory upon the practitioner to guarantee a safe and healthy environment to the patients, visitors, and staff, the practitioners should be aware of the health and safety policies. The&nbsp.staff has the authority to take remedial action on short notice, depending upon the urgency and need of the hour.&nbsp.