The Pressure to be Thin Mass Medias Involvement

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From the report declares there is no denying that in Western societies, being thin is generally desirable. Little wonder then that Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa are most prevalent in industrialized Western nations where ironically, food is not much of a problem. In these countries, slimnastics classes, figure salons and diet centers thrive.

According to the paper findings while the Western culture is favoring slimness, the media is incessantly promoting it. Indeed, one only has to take a look at magazines, billboards and TV commercials to prove this claim. Skinny models are often seen portraying a good life with a smile that lure, suggesting that one needs to be thin to attain happiness and success. To the food and beverage manufacturers, such campaigns entail losing immense profits, and these giants could not just let that happen. Instead, they had one brilliant solution: going with the trend by modifying their products to make it more healthy, hence the birth of sugar-free soft drinks and other beverages labeled as natural to replace or substitute for the conventional unhealthy drinks – something that could make calorie watchers happy. Low-fat and low-calorie food and diet pills were also popularized and as usual, using extremely thin models portrayed to enjoy consuming these products without gaining an extra pound, or even losing some.Most susceptible to this campaign are youngsters who, as Giordano describes, are very sensitive to social symbols.