The Presence of Lexical and Functional Categories in the Speech

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It is a keystone of any philosophy that the recording atmosphere where the transcripts were taken be a place of inclusiveness—whether Carl would be Black, white, Latino, Asian, Native American, or of mixed race(s) or races not named here, and be of whatever socioeconomic status, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or cultural affiliation—that Carl might have.An inclusive philosophy dictates that each student should have the same opportunity to be transcribed accurately. This includes being cognizant of striving against favoritism, especially based on gender or race—which might then affect how Carl would be evaluated in terms of his speaking transcripts. Carl should be given a fair chance to succeed by providing him with the language tools he needs to succeed in an environment which has typically favored the dominant culture’s hegemonic social strata. A level playing field is key.Strategies include recording the dialogue with utmost accuracy. It is important that students of various national origins and religions feel comfortable enough to express themselves within the dynamic of their own backgrounds on tape. Carl demonstrates this especially well. Especially with students who have ESL/ELL/bilingual/multilingual backgrounds, it should be ensured that the transcripts are accessible to their language capabilities by supporting their learning with extra attention in order to check for understanding so that they have good recordings.Additionally, help should be extended to children like Carl who are just in the developing stages of language learning.