The Political Economy of the Rentseeking Society

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In an effort to prove this the paper points out to a number of issues in the form of evidence to deviate the idea that it is in fact that governments that are slowing down the development of the third world nations ((Evans 1990, p. 568).
Most of the people are to the idea that the governments are out to exploit the people and hence the numerous channels that have been put in place by governments to extort money from innocent people. As such the paper disputes the description that the governments are not only being predatory but also out to accumulate rent from the people. Such images, however, are not true as per the paper which feels that it is these rent collected that helps the government help the people to achieve the set-out goals which wholesomely are aimed at bettering the lives of the people. Whatever collections the governments make is done with the sole purpose of making the service delivery of the government more efficient and effective (Callaghy 1984, p. 16).
The argument of today is that it is the government that is making it very hard to do business today because of the numerous legislation that they are putting in place. This is further worsened by the numerous levies introduced by the government at almost each and every stage and level of businesses, markets and entrepreneurial ventures (Leroy amp. Sakong 1980, p. 72). Such are the reasons that the paper note points out to the fact that the government is more of an impediment to business than a contributor to its success. As such the paper highlights that the state should, as a matter of fact, be shelved from being involved in the operations of the businesses and markets or rather weigh down the development strides that would otherwise be achieved fast over a considerably short period of time.