The Phenomenon of Ecosystems

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The landmass of the earth displays diverse conditions for instance. land possesses grassland, forests, mountains, frigid areas, deserts, coastal areas, etc. Similarly water mass also shows the variation in terms of surface water and marine water. As components of soil on land and composition of water diverge so do the organisms.Camel can survive on desert land easily as it is adapted to the hot climatic conditions of the desert but the polar bear cannot survive on desert land as it is adapted to live in cold climatic conditions of the frigid region. Like animals, plants also show diverse forms. Plants growing in hilly or mountainous areas are conical to adapt themselves during snowfall and they possess needle-like leaves to let the wind pass through in between the leaves. On the other hand, plants growing in the desert do not get sufficient water so their leaves have adapted themselves in the form of thorns to prevent loss of water during the transpiration process. The stem of desert plants is thick, carries out photosynthesis, and stores food. These diverse living forms cannot do anything without the non-living components. Living beings on the planet are interconnected with each other and with other non-living components like water, air encompassing nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide.An ecosystem is thus a composition of life forms existing in various forms and a symbiotic association with the environment. These diverse life forms prevalent in ecosystems compete and interact with each other and with the non-living components to reproduce and survive in their niche or habitat. The interdependency of living forms is called the food chain. However, one organism may utilize more than one life form for survival for instance a rat eats grains as well as it can eat animals also thereby the food chain takes the shape of a web where one organism is known to display dependency on two or more life forms. Green plants are the only autotrophs or producers on the planet while animals are categorized as plant eating or herbivores, flesh eating or carnivores and omnivores are organisms which are capable of consuming plants as well as animals.