The Person Who Taught Me Writing and the Significant Role He Played in My Life

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My uncle spent a lot of time with me, most of which consisted of literacy games such as tongue twisters and riddles, storytelling, and singing. He exposed me to many narratives, which he liked, and often tasked me to compose narratives and recite to him. My narratives were brief and incoherent but he appreciated them, maybe because of his professional background, and motivated me to compose a narrative each time he recited one to me. This became the basis of my writing class as he then tasked me to start writing my compositions and guided me through my mistakes in spelling and word structure. The literature routine perfected my writing potential at an early stage.
The approach that my uncle used in teaching me to write identifies his significance in my life. He instilled a culture of creativity in me and demonstrated to me that I can utilize my environment for creativity.&nbsp.&nbsp.