The Parole Board

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Victim Impact Statement would be better than the parole because it gives the opportunity for the victim and family to participate in the criminal justice process. This is the reason the victim impact statements refers to printed or verbal information concerning the results of a transgression on the casualty and relatives. These statements are popular greatly appreciated because they give the court an opportunity to continually focus its attention on the individual life cost of the crime.
The court has the power to ensure that the statement is unlimited afar from the straight casualty to murder survivors, the parents, or guardians of a lesser victim. In addition, it is better than the parole because statements are allowed at the sentencing hearing. During reporting, the victim impact statements are to be incorporated in the pre-sentence report. Although the statements should be either written or oral, there is room for videotape, audiotape, or any other electronic device. This gives great opportunities for the victim to provide information to the court.
The board confirms the rehabilitative progress and guarantees the offender freedom if they have passed all the tests.