The Olympics Comes to London in 2012

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The Olympics comes to London in 2012, as a result, there is a large requirement for information systems to cope with the volume of visitors traveling to or from each of the locations around London. Been a major sports event worldwide especially in the commonwealth countries and the participating countries, the event’s activities have to be aired efficiently and reliably and the monitoring of the security systems a mandatory requirement. &nbsp.

Information technology has been known to work miracles if integrated well in the daily activities and when done by experts in the field but has been known to cause mayhem if an implementation is done quacks and inexperienced persons referring to themselves as experts.
The outcome of the paper is to help understand the impact of technology on business activities, real-world problems related to large IT projects and gain insights into the problems involved in private and public IT projects. The methodology to be utilized is an explorative method laying detailed emphasis on objectivity in the use of information systems in making the Olympics event a success. The use of information technology whether on small projects or big projects has always resulted in better outcomes and efficiency in the delivery of the final product. This is no different from the Olympics games event and integration of information systems will ensure better security and press releases as well as the airing of the events worldwide.

Information technology has been one of the movers of today’s economy and has been used by various countries to make things efficient and to respond to time constraints. It is in regard to this that the researchers were commissioned to look at the information system been implemented in preparation for the London 2012 Olympic Games. The main objective is to evaluate the strengths and challenges faced in the implementation and setting up of the information processing systems during preparation and the actual event.&nbsp. &nbsp.&nbsp.