The of Mrs Fields Cookies Growth

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It was the effective use of information systems in achieving efficiency in the control of the expanded business and flexibility of the operations. Especially, regarding the information systems, Mrs. Fields’ Cookies was able to design a management database that best-utilized resources and enabled quicker and strategic decision making, proper allocation of costs and more importantly greater focus of the management on the ‘essence’ of business. the sales. The information system configured for Mrs. Fields’ Cookies was actually based on the ‘fit’ between the organizational structure, culture and the organizational goals. It was built distinctively for the operations of Mrs. Field’s Cookies within a given business market (fresh baked cookies) and it addressed the needs and requirements of the firm in forecasting demand, anticipating sales, allocating resources, tracking sales records and measuring the performance of each of the different outlets. Apart from these, the information management system was also equipped with ‘strategic intelligence’ in assisting managers (regional or store managers) making decisions fast without wasting time dealing with paperwork or any bureaucratic procedures. In general, the information system management approach undertaken by Mrs. Field’s Cookies was very enhancing and facilitated the growth and expansion of the firm as it enabled Debbi and Randy to maintain control on the one hand through centralization of operations and management. At the same time, however, employees were left to do work that was essential for the business growth and which involved primarily the promotion of sales. Within the expansion strategy of Mrs. Cookies Fields’, diversification was attempted through the acquisition of La Petite Boulangerie (LPB). Randy and Debbi show that acquisition as an excellent way of leveraging marketing opportunities by capitalizing on their brand name (according to the case study the Mrs. Fields’ name was demographically well established, and Randy believed whatever they put it on would sell) and by extending the concept of a simple cookie store to diversifying into a ‘combination’ store (sit-down café).