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Moreover, by early 1985, Pepsi had managed to acquire 2% sales of the huge market that amounted to $960 million in retail sales. Therefore, this called for change of strategies by Coca-Cola and their option was to introduce a new product that offered the same feature like their competitors. In this case, they had to conduct a research in order to introduce new product to market. After the investigation, they identified that Pepsi was offering a product that had a sweeter taste and this contributed to a growth in the preference resulting to increased market share. Coca-Cola commenced a research project, whereby they spent two years and $4million prior to settling on a new formula. They conducted 200, 000 taste test on the final formula and a blind test, whose results were sixty percent of the consumers choosing the new formula over the old one. In fact, fifty-two percent of the customers choose it over Pepsi, and this was an indication that new coke would assist in dealing with the problem of losing the market share to Pepsi. 2. … Moreover, Coca-Cola should have focused on the conducting a marketing research considering these emotions. Furthermore, there was a poor judgment during interpretation of research planning strategies by the managers. The poor judgment occurred when they found sixty percent of consumers who preferred the new Coke taste and this led to an assumption that the new coke would be the solution to their problem. However, this did not view this assertion in the basis on the other 40% who were still royal the old Coke. thus, they ended up trampling with the tastes of the royal customers who were not willing to accommodate the change of the taste. Therefore, the company should have focus on introducing the new Coke as a brand expansion and leave the old Coke like what happened with Cherry Coke. Coca-Cola Company had an advanced marketing research operation and their strategies have made them to be at the top of the market. However, in this their market was not based on scientific theories that could have assisted in understanding the consumer behaviors. 3. Companies such as Coca-Cola often test new products in plain white paper cups with no brand names or other marketing information. What does this ‘blind’ testing really measure? Does applying these results to the ‘real’ world raise any issues? Bind testing is aimed at measuring the actual response of the customers to a certain feature of the product without the influence of the brand name or other marketing information. Therefore, the consumer is expected to review the product without the ideas of the manufactures in their minds and these reviews are applied in rating the new product that is yet to be introduced into the market. For instance, Coca-Cola was seeking to settle the new