The Nursing Process Discipline Theory

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As such, nurses need to put in place different reminder systems, as well as the implementation of infection control programs in order to be in the best position to decrease effectively all forms of catheter-associated UTIs (Elphern, 2009). This is despite the challenging aspect of their introduction into the treatment program or the patient care plan. Therefore, in order to achieve all this, the nurses have to rely on the Nursing Process Discipline Theory as suggested by Orlando in order to undertake their respective duties effectively.
Orlando’s Nursing Process Discipline Theory states that the role of a nurse is o find out the immediate needs of a patient and help him or her. For instance, the presenting behavior of the patient can be a cry for help. Nevertheless, the assistance that a patient needs might not necessarily be what he exactly wants or desires. As such, this requires nurses to make use of their personal perceptions, their thoughts about these perceptions, as well as their feelings possibly engendered from their thoughts in an exploration of the meaning of each patient’s behavior. This will inevitably assist the nurse to discern the nature of distress of a given patient, thereby being in a better position to provide the patient with the much-needed assistance.
According to Elphern (2009), this theory applies to the prevention and management of Catheter-Associated UTIs because it enables nurses to act professionally at all times. This is because they have to prevent an infection from occurring, and as such, have to study the patient at all times and be there at their times of need. The best way to prevent such infections is to avoid any unnecessary catheterization, or removing catheters as soon as possible. Since nurses are well aware of this procedure, they will advise patients appropriately for them to avoid catheterization where possible. In addition, these nurses will also monitor keenly the patients fitted with catheters on a daily basis to determine when is best to remove or change the catheter at the soonest possible