The negative effects of wind turbines

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51250 Even though wind power plants have comparatively small influence on the surroundings when judged against power plants of fossil fuel there are certain problems regarding the impacts on wildlife habitation, sound created by rotor blades, aesthetic (visual) effects, and mortality of bats and birds . One of the effects of this technology has been the noise production from development of wind turbines. Noise, in contrast to the effects on scenery or visual impact can be calculated and measured quite simply. Two kinds of noise are produced by wind turbines, generators and gearboxes create mechanical noise, whereas blades produce aerodynamic noise. Even though the advanced wind turbines have almost eradicated the mechanical noise through high-quality material for insulation in the nacelle, so, aerodynamic sound is the major contributor in the noise pollution. It is formed by the turning round of the blades producing a swishing sound that is broad-band as it is a work of pointed speed. According to European wind energy association “ at any given location, the noise within or around a wind farm can vary considerably depending on a number of factors including the layout of the wind farm, the particular model of turbines installed, the topography or shape of the land, the speed and direction of the wind, and the background noise.” Noise pollution has a harmful effect on the lives of thousands of individuals.&nbsp. Researches have exposed that the link between noise and health is a direct one.&nbsp. Health affects linked to noise are anxiety associated sickness, high blood pressure, hearing troubles, sleep disorder, and disoriented concentration plus productivity.&nbsp. (NIHL), Noise Induced Hearing Loss is the widespread and frequently discussed effect on health, but studies have revealed that exposure to continuous or high-pitched intensity of noise can bring about countless