The Mountain Pine Beetle Infestation in Robson Provincial Park

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Beetle infestation is in abundance in low height lodgepole pine forests of the SBS bio-geo-climatic zone. The issue of pine beetle infestation is interrelated with seral-stage distribution and fire risks, which have been discussed while recommending management policy on Robson Park’s mountain pine beetle infestation. Treatment options have been suggested for single tree fall and burn, prescribed burning and selective tree removal, considering the overall ecosystem and environment at the heart of every decision to be taken and reviewed, and if needed, changed annually for the policy management of Robson Park mountain pine beetle infestation spanning a period of 10 years.
Mount Robson Provincial Park is located in east-central British Columbia, just west of the British Columbia / Alberta border and Jasper National Park. It has been facing the problem of Mountain Pine Beetle Infestation for a long time. BC Parks centrally manages all fourteen parks that come under its management. To write a specific policy on mountain pine beetle infestation for Robson Provincial Park, it is crucial and mandatory to know what has been done by BC Parks in policy formulation on vegetation management and tree removal policy for all parks under its management.
For this, we need to review the contexts and purposes that make vegetation management crucial for the parks so that any specific policy for Robson Provincial Park fits into overall conservation management policy framework of BC Parks. Vegetation management includes fire management, insect &amp. disease management, vegetation restoration, and plant collection. It is significant to note that BC Parks has addressed all vegetation management issues by following the long-term ecosystem saving concerns.&nbsp.&nbsp.