The Mo Ibrahim Foundation

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Mo Ibrahim Foundation exposes the unsung African leaders who have made tremendous achievements. Winning this award brings them into the limelight and the international arena for recognition. Similarly, winning this award gives them good exposure and puts them in an advantageous position of competing for other competitive awards for their achievements have been recognized (Nsehe 3). There are cases where their contributions are not recognized, and their good work perishes as soon as they leave the office. Therefore, the award is of benefit in exposing the deserving African leaders.Africans head of states and governments have been reluctant in leaving offices for the past years. They have deployed various tactics to delay their terms in office through driving political coup, committing crimes against humanity and manipulating institutions. Some of these characteristics have been witnessed in the reign of Mugabe, Kabila, and Museveni among others. They have sustained bad governance in their countries, which puts the lives of citizens at risk. The prize is given to leaders who have made tremendous contributions in their nations by promoting good governance and putting structures for prosperity, which eliminates such characters.The prize award is also distributed to nations that have shown the potential of improvements. It makes political institutions to reinforce a good working system, which allows for prosperity (Nsehe 6). This makes it discourage bad governance as every head of state wants to get the money, hence strives in meeting the criteria. Similarly, money encourages the controlled use of money, which is transferred to African countries because it indicates that nations are awarded money based on their merits and accomplishments. Because of this, the prize encourages African head of states to establish good institutions that promote the prosperity of their nations.