The Masque of the Red Death

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Prince Prospero was the only place that the prince and his nobility friends and guest would feel safe, since there was security against any external intrusion, even the intrusion of death. The inside of the castle’s wall was characterized by happiness, while the outside was characterized by sadness, pain and death. Inside Prince Prospero’s castle, there was musicians, there was Beauty, there was wine (Poe, 21). All these elements were brought together in order to keep the guests to the castle entertained and at peace, despite the menace that was ruling outside the walls of the castle.Nevertheless, even when the inside of the castle seemed to be safer than the outside world, Prince Prospero and his guests still lived in an illusion and in a world of unreal. The attempt to bring in musicians, beauty, games, wine and decorations into the castle was meant to create an environment where happiness can thrive (Hayes, 88). Nevertheless, as it turns out, happiness is far away from the prince and his guest, just as the safety from death is away from the rest of the poor people who are facing the red death outside of the walls of the castle. The red death had already killed half of the kingdom, and the scare it sent throughout the kingdom caused Prince Prospero decide to stay inside the castle until the plague will have completely gone away. The prince entered the castle and welded the doors shut, so that nobody would enter into the castle and bring in the plague (Slick, 24). This attempt symbolizes the extents to which man can ago in an attempt to escape death, by doing anything that is possible to escape the chances of interacting with scenarios or events that can cause death.However, even when all measures against death have been taken, it is never enough to keep death away from man, since it will eventually find its way into man’s life, despite all the