The Maryknoll Missioners

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His mission on earth was full of love and compassion for people. He dedicated his life to protect the weak and stand for the truth. From this, one can articulate that, mission work began with Jesus Christ. Since then, Jesus followers received a mission of spreading love and compassion to all people as a vital aspect of making disciples of all nations. To this point, it stands out that, the work of a missioner entails a lot such as, teaching and preaching the word of God, protecting the weak, leading the captives free, and giving gifts to men among others. In a way, missionary work is referred to as the great commission described in Matthew 28:18-20 of going forth and making men disciples of all nations, baptizing them, and teaching them the word of God. Throughout history, Maryknoll has emphasized missionary and ministry work particularly in Korea, China, Africa, East Asia, and Latin America. Up-to-date, these missioners have played a significant role in the Catholic Church, in alleviating poverty, and enhancing constructive changes to many lives. With this regard, the following paper seeks to discuss the Maryknoll missioners as well as their impact on people’s lives. MARYKNOLL MISSIONARIES A brief history As mentioned earlier, Maryknoll was founded as a Catholic mission society. It was established in 1911 with most men being skilled tradesmen. The group was led by bishops from the United States, and its development fell into two diocesan priests namely Father Thomas Fredrick and James Anthony of Boston. Just like Jesus, the two individuals had the commission, to encourage U.S missioners to set their lives apart for helping the community. Studies outline that, one year after its founding, three men joined who were fully dedicated to the mission work (Gollock, 2010). During this time, the number of brothers increased in that, by 1921, the community comprised of twenty priests, dozen brothers, and almost sixty five seminaries students. Men played a vital role at Maryknoll to the extent that they formed a movement of the Fields A far Staff . In 1920, the church recognized Maryknoll sisters who led the community into service as they recognize the needs in the community. In essence, the Maryknoll missionaries have served all over the world, as they become influential in regards to missionary activities. As of 2009, there were over 560 Maryknoll brothers and priests serving all over the world, mainly in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. In the 20th Century, they played a vital role in the Catholic Church of East Asia, and also extended into Latin American countries. Their aspect of mission For years, the Maryknoll Missioners have imposed love and compassion for people, as they work diligently to protect the weak and poor. For instance, they have had extensive connections with Latin American countries whereby, they have worked hard to eradicate poverty and improve lives of many Latin American. Poverty is a core issue affecting Latin Americans in the sense that, some live below the poverty line. With this in mind, Maryknoll Missioners have worked to help the needy in such communities as they renewed call to their membership in campaigning for justice for the poor. These efforts have been supported by donations from U.S as many unite to help the needy in the community. With no doubt. this has helped to alleviate poverty as they bring constructive changes to the Latin Americans. Typically,