The Marketing Plan 2

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This is due to increased demand from young adults across the globe.Abundant experience in the energy drink market, red bull was founded in Austria in 1987 and since then has grown to be the world’s most popular energy drink. The red bull brand is known all over and the high energy it represents is a hit with consumersRecently there has been issues raised about the health effects of consuming energy drink and this might impact consumer purchases. People take keen interest in health and such news are received by alarm by the massesThe emerging markets – there are developing countries in the world such as those in Africa and these provide a ready market for red bull products. There is an increase in purchasing power in these nations and the people are readily adopting global brands.A potential large target group – the target consumers for red bull are young people and young adults. This represents majority of the population and given that these numbers are growing the future looks positive for red bull.The use of energy drinks is gaining favour-in the past some people thought that energy drinks were alcoholic. But this is fast changing and the use of energy drinks is gaining favour among the general population.Below is a table showing the competitors of Red Bull and their market shares. Red Bull still has a lead in global market share but Monster is closely behind. In this regard, there should be a massive campaign so as to increase this lead (Ferrell, 2011).The key to success is offering customers a quality product that reflects a true value for their money. The Red Bull gives you wings are a popular phrase around the world and this should be used to maintain brand loyalty.The use of red bull has raised some controversy over the years. This is due to the caffeine content that is in the drink. Some countries have certain restrictions on the amount of