The Management of GS Plumbing

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The staffs feel a greater sense of insecurity for the people of the upper management fails to pay a pleasant ear to their problems. Thus the company in the current juncture is largely facing the threat of rise in attrition levels of the staffs. Older staffs of the company have started developing a feeling that they are being rendered the same importance as given to the newcomers for which they are reflecting less attachment to the task ordered (Fuller, n.d.). Thus the management needs to devise plan of action to let the staff feel secured and motivated so as to reduce the attrition rate.In a review of the above problems occurring in GS Plumbing the case for conducting a Human Resource Audit is widely suggested. The Human Resource Audit conducted would help the management to understand the potential and significance of the different Human Resource policies in properly monitoring the activities of the people through the satisfactory compliance of legal and legislative standards. Human Resource Auditing Process earns due importance for it rests on the activity of conducting interviews on the staff and employees of the concern pertaining to different levels. Subjects of the interviews mainly aim at highlighting the conditions of employment being offered by the company and the amount of job satisfaction reflected by a large number of interviewees amongst the employees. The Human Resource Audit activities are conducted both by internal and external people. However, the audit team generated from the external environment is considered more dependable than the internal audit team. The scope of Human Resource Audit is emphasized for it helps in the identification of obsolete policies being practiced by the company and renders fruitful suggestions in changing such for better efficiency. Further Human Resource Audit also helps in enhancing the training dimension of the company to better enhance the working standards of its employees.This practice also helps to focus on the areas, which are deprived of policy regulations and thereby provide efficient mechanisms, which would help in the sorting of problems pertaining to such.