The Management of All the Resources and Activities within the Organization

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Operations Management enables the gaining of a global competitive advantage through implementing quality into the goods and services that are provided so that they perform correctly and satisfy customer expectations. Where waste management and collection of refuse and garbage is concerned, it is even more vital to introduce elements of quality in order to mitigate the problems of environmental pollution and to preserve the resources of the Earth for future generations.
In order to ensure that there is quality in the provision of services, there are seven basic quality control tools that have been set forth by Kaoru Ishikawa, the professor of engineering at Tokyo University. These may be set out as follows (Tague, 2004:15):
All the measures outlined above are able to achieve total quality management, which makes quality the driving force behind the achievement of all leadership, design and planning activities. As pointed out by Padhi (no Date), the concept of quality management is based upon a foundation of ethics, integrity, and trust. The establishment of benchmarks helps in ensuring that the required quality goals are met successfully. However, it is through training and teamwork, an organization is in a much better position to be able to achieve quality goals.
Hounslow waste collection services accomplish quality control in many ways. Its waste management program is based upon breaking the link between economic growth and the waste being produced by recycling and reducing waste (Report). This is known as the process of resource recovery. The Council has also taken additional measures such as banning the co-disposal of hazardous and nonhazardous wastes. Some of the targets that have been set are to recycle or compost 25% of household wastes by 2005, 30% by 2010 and 33% by 2015. There is a broad overall plan that takes into account the need to reduce pollution and ensure efficient management of waste, while there are also guidelines specified for the operation of the plan at the local Hounslow level.