The Makings of a Hero

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The Republic of the Philippines, an archipelagic nation located in Southeast Asia, classified among the third world countries, has made Overseas Contract Workers their most dynamic labor force, with more than 11 million workers abroad with remittances amounting to 64.7 billion pesos last year, it has played a major part in sustaining the economy of the country, making it the fourth (4th) largest recipient of foreign remittances behind India, China, and Mexico (source:
But regardless of the economic help an Overseas Contract Worker can extend, the reality of being far away from home, living alone in a different land where traditions and culture vary from your own, letting others benefit from your talents and skills, serving and taking care for the needs of other’s children while missing your own children’s growing up years, is definitely, heartbreaking. But because of the will to provide a better quality of life, these OCW’s carry on no matter the pain, with the hope that a better future is being stored for their loved ones with their hard work and perseverance.
With all the struggles and sacrifices they are making, indeed, they are worthy to be the Heroes of the Modern Day- especially for countries where foreign notes have higher values than their own currencies, these Overseas Contract Workers, are really, doing a noble job.
Anywhere in the world, a construction laborer can be found. Construction Workers, defined by Encarta as builders of large structures such as a house, road or bridge, can also be viewed as Heroes.
These construction workers are usually people who were not able to acquire education, there were some who have entered school but more or less, not enough for a lighter, high-paying
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job, thus construction become their only chance for toil. It is definitely not a career that one would choose if given the choice, but left without any option at all, they bear the work.
Construction is definitely, not an easy employment. In fact it is one of the jobs considered to be most strenuous. It requires not just mental faculty with all those skills involved, not just stamina but superlative patience, but most of all, one has to have a strong and enduring physique to finish what has been started.
With the construction workers around, people are assured that development will continue to flourish, roads will be constructed, buildings will keep on rising, bridges will be made to connect places and houses will be there for us to be our home- and all of these because there are people who are not afraid of taking all the risk in the workplace and are willing enough to