The Major Factors of the Credit Agricole

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Credit Agricole is one of the largest retail banking groups in the world and is the largest banking group in France. The overall structure of the firm is such that it is owned by many smaller retail banks in France and is offering retail banking services not only in France but at international level also. Primarily focusing on the rural areas as its target market, the bank has also the presence in the cities and is now operating in more than 60 countries of the world.Such huge international presence, therefore, outlines a very significant expansion of the firm in the international market. The overall strategy of the firm in terms of international expansion has largely been focused on the acquisition of smaller banks in different European countries as well as countries from other parts of the world. Such expansion strategy outlines that the firm has taken an aggressive approach to extend its presence in the international market.Credit Agricole is considered as the green bank of France because of its support and stronger roots in the agriculture sector of the country. It is also because of its overall business philosophy that the firm mostly operated in the rural areas of the country with little presence in the urban areas. Credit Agricole is unique in the sense that its ownership structure is really different and its owned by many smaller banks.Bank’s historical roots are relatively richer given the fact that it was established in order to allow the extension of credit to the farmers so that they can boost their productivity. One of the reasons as to why the agriculture was lacking in productivity in France was the lack of credit to the farmers and as such, they were unable to purchase better seeds and other tools in order to better cultivate and increase their productivity.