The Lion King The Journey of Simba towards SelfAwareness

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The movie started with the birth of Simba to King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi. His parents were very proud of him and after he was anointed as the heir of the throne of Pride Lands, he was held up by the wise baboon Rafiki at the top of pride rock for all the animals to see. The presentation of Simba at pride rock is the start of the circle of life for him.
As the new heir to Pride Lands, Simba grew up to be a lively but arrogant little cub. He believes that as a successor to the throne, he can do whatever he wants and not take the burdens of responsibility. Simba was still unaware at that time that great powers come with great responsibilities. As a young cub, he just wanted to have fun. His father, King Mufasa tried to teach him how to be a good king but Simba was not easy for a student to teach. On the other hand, his friend Nala, a female cub was more apt to the challenge of becoming the best that she could be. She was faster and more mature compared to Simba. The two of them became inseparable.
While most of the animals in the kingdom were loyal followers of King Mufasa, his on brother Scar was not happy with the idea of his brother being king. Scar wanted to be king himself and he realized that with Mufasa around, he could never wear the crown. When Simba was born, Scar became even angrier. With Simba around, he is no longer the first in line to the throne.
Buoyed by his strong desire to be king, Scar plotted to get rid of Simba. Knowing that the Simba is arrogant and naïve, he told the young cub that there is a dark place in Pride land where Simba should never go. He knows that telling Simba not to go to the elephant graveyard is like an indirect invitation to go on an adventure. As expected, Simba took the bait. The young cub was hungry for adventure and going to the elephant graveyard sounds like a lot of fun to the young and naïve cub. However, Simba did not go to the elephant graveyard alone. He asked his friend Nala.