The Life of a Drug Addict in Anthropological Perspective

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He is also responsible for the naming and studying of certain public health concepts such as syndemics. Syndemics deals specifically with the social ramifications of diseases which spread within specific populations. Dr. Singer also works at the Center for Health at the University of Connecticut.In writing his book The Face of Social Suffering: The Life History of a Street Drug Addict, Merrill Singer assumes that individuals that are products of unstable and abusive family environments often turn to a life of drug abuse and criminal activity. Also, low education completion levels and being of low-income brackets can lead to this dangerous and unhealthy lifestyle.Essentially, the problem that is presented in this book is that Tony, the individual who is written about in this book, has come from an abusive family background. He is accustomed to a lifestyle of poverty, neglect, abuse, and the like. Also racism plays an important part in the shaping of individuals like Tony, according to Singer. It is also poor social policies that specifically pertain to public health that contribute to this type of lifestyle as well as poor educational opportunities and a weak criminal justice system. Also, Singer points out that one’s environment and social influences are greatly responsible for one’s position in life, specifically Tony‘s: the thoughts, feelings, and life experiences of a single individual. the social milieu of the family gang, prison, and inner-city street that have formed the primary stages of his tumultuous and other relations that have helped to construct and sustain those stages (2005:144).The main purpose of this ethnography is to detail the life of one single individual (Tony), and to show not only what it is like to live in Tony’s world, but to illustrate the factors that have led to the shaping of that world. Singer focuses quite a bit on thefact that social exclusion and racism have played just as important a role in Tony’s life as have his family life, exposure to the drug world, lack of opportunity, and his exposure and contraction of HIV and Hepatitis.