The Kingdom of Morocco BBC Documentary

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They were farmers, traders, and nomads. They were Muslims but maintained the traditional Berber customs. Rarely did they follow Islam. One of the significant events that happened in the Kingdom was the rise of Abdulla Ibn Yasin. He went to Islam center of learning where he gained knowledge of Koran. He united several clans of Berber and installed himself as a spiritual leader. He led to transformations of Berber’s trough Jihad. Nis initiatives led to the expansion of the empire and made changes in key cities such as the city of Massar. The transformation and expansion of the empire were through a standing army that role was to expand Islam through Jihad. The kingdom expanded from south to the northwest part of Africa (Casely-Hayford).The kingdom continued to expand further after his death. The expansion was through Yusuf Ibn Tashman. He led to expansion of Marrakesh city. The kingdom expanded into empire up to the southern part of Europe. This was through trading activities and war. In fact, he helped repel Christian influence in Spain and Portugal. He died in 1106, and his son Ali Bin Yusuf took over(Casely-Hayford). His period was characteristic of improvement in architecture and aesthetic value. His reign did not last long as he was toppled by Alhomads led by Ibn Tumarts. This led to a reorganisation of the city of Marrakesh. The kingdom ended in the 12th century. This was due to rebellion, scrabble for power, and loss of Mediterranean hence lack a source of revenue. I liked the movie due to the clear description of various ruins such as the building of the Campus. In order to understand cultural knowledge, I will enhance my understanding of artifacts’, religion, and various forms of architecture.