The issues human resources encounter on a day to fay bases

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They include among others the management needs to develop human resource strategies at the business formulation level, delegation of the right human resource matters to departmental managers is important in freeing the human resource department and in the process allows it to focus on the development of strategic policies. This role becomes effective when the training section of the human resources training section equips the departmental and line managers with adequate, knowledge, skills, and attitude to enable them to develop and manage staff effectively. Strategic functions of the human resource management form part of the core functions of the department, therefore, it is important that the selection and development of employees with the right skills that fit the job description be thorough. The process of change is gradual hence, it must be planned and managed carefully. The value of the process is in the change in the organization’s culture. Literature Review Armstrong, (34) suggests that business companies are involved in reorganizing their culture in the process of developing responsive and acceptable structures. Notably, achieving efficiency and profitability depends on innovative policies on the management of people, resources, and Financials. He gives priority to the process that the human resources department goes through in managing challenges in the day-to-day operations within the business. Crow, (1997, 23) posits that the issues of human resources management as a strategic approach to handling employees within business organizations is new and has existed for about three decades. Various factors influenced the development of human resources management from the traditional personnel department. They included an increase in pressure from competition brought by globalization and liberalization of trade a market. Other scholars among them Hendry (44) hold that human resources management is not different in any way from the traditional personnel department apart from the change of terminology. Leggae (71) identifies new issues of human resource management as development of an integrated system for the management of human resource issues, transforming the approach to human resources management making the process more professional, dealing with the decentralization of the right human resource management issues, and delegation of appropriate roles of the human resources to departmental managers. Human Resource Issues and challenges Employers experience various human resource issues during their day-to-day operations. These issues include recruiting, productivity, training of employees, arranging staff, and eliminating discrimination within the organization. Employees working in the human resource management on the hand, face challenges that include conflict resolution and making sure that the employees in other departments operate within environments that are safe. Other concerns include dealing with issues that come with outsourcing, determining and distributing benefits, enhancing and maintaining cultural diversity. The company policy and human resources director dictate the manner in which individual organizations deal with human resource issues. The management of issues by the human resource management is a continuous process irrespective of the type and size of the company under discussion. Productivity Management and organization of employees make