The International Critical Thinking

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The question also addressed by the authors very precisely and lucidly is that what is the tool or manner which helps us have an ability to recognize whatever we witness and infer correctly from what we experience. Yes, the answer is digital as well as visual literacy. Some of the important facts and data that the authors have used to substantiate their conclusion are:• Unlike earlier times when overhead projector, handmade slides, and chalkboards were used, these days, new media literacy technical skills are used in education like real-time audio-video interface, use of internet links for direct access, powerpoint presentations, streaming videos, etc. The present, as well as future health of the 21st-century economy in the U.S.A., is directly dependent on how deeply and broadly the Americans arrive at a new level of literacy. In any way, literacy improves an individual’s ability to competently and ingeniously utilize and commune information.The authors have inferred several ideas and points to drive home and make their message clear. Some of these include.• Digital and visual literacy happen to be the coming wave of communication specialization.• Lack of education related to the visual as well as digital literacy is problematic. Visually literate individuals possess a sense of design and they have an ability to imagine, generate, alter as well as reproduce images in an alterable manner. If a person is not considered as equipped with digital and visual literacy, he shall be left out in society and would feel out of place.While understanding and reading this article one is required to understand the following concepts:Digital Literacy: Ability of a person to work efficiently in a digital environment where data is in numeric form or generally in a form that can be used by computers.Visual Literacy: Ability to see and interpret symbols or pictures and reproduce images.