The Influence of Health Policies and the Future of Health Care in the U S

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41000 This research will begin with the statement that disparities among the American community continue to reflect within the healthcare system despite establishment and engagement of various care systems to foster the improvement of the health systems. Consequently, the population continues to suffer the inherent problems as they arise within the structural organization of the state healthcare systems. Notably, several inherent issues reflect the procedures of administering and acquiring successful and effective care process to the citizens. Firstly, there arises the issue of poverty and income versus the cost of the health systems. Most of the American population consists of citizens whose income levels cannot sustain their health needs. Thus, even as they seek the coverage of the various health policies as initiated by the government to facilitate affordable care to all people, they fail to achieve the required care. Thus, the continually increasing costs of the health care system are a leading factor in contention with respect to the healthcare systems of the USA. Secondly, there is the issue of the insurance cover. The insurance systems in the country continue to charge the citizens accordingly for their health coverage. However, the insurance companies do a disservice to the citizens despite their commitment to the insurance contribution. Most of the insurance provides coverage to limited levels, meaning that certain conditions such as asthma or cancer, which require high costs for treatment, may not receive adequate financial support from the insurance companies. Thus, the health insurance policies need to reflect accordingly to support the citizens of the USA in guarding their rights within these insurance coverage systems. Further, there is a disparity in acquiring healthcare due to the establishment of factors relating to the blacks versus the whites. These aspects of discrimination within the care system result from the multi-ethnic differences and perspectives, leading to insufficient and unhealthy care system procedures. Thus, as an issue of concern, the health care system needs to address this section f the arising matters. Lastly, professional perspective is also an inherent issue within the provision of health care in the USA.