The Influence Of Hallyu To Image Of Korea As A Tourist Destination And Asian Tourists’ DecisionMaking

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The Korean Gross Domestic Product (GDP), has been appreciably enhanced due in large part to the interest exhibited by other Asian countries of the region in the quality and content of Korean presentations. The bourgeoning industries (television, movie and tourism), have combined to create a groundswell of opportunities for business, and countless opportunities for employment in all sectors. The positive affects extend far beyond the monetary and quality lf life gains. It also opens up for public scrutiny and consumption, the entire Korean culture. Television viewers and tourist, who are in most instances one in the same, are becoming keenly familiar with Korean people. The Korean Ministry of Tourism has taken a lead role in promoting and improving its country’s image in the world market. Additionally the national government has aggressively taken on projects, involving physical development, and international promotion, which promote and showcase Korean culture. Hallyuwood is a giant bold step, which is planned to be a massive (1,000,000 square meter) project with a multi-theme economic approach. There are questions and some debate whether the hallyu wave warrants such a massive outlay of public funds. The debate calls to the prudent mind that hallyu has all the trimmings of a fad, which as they customarily do, if it is only a novel occurrence the public interest will dissipate before the investors can turn the corner. The only project in Asia, which will rival this undertaking, will be Disneyland Japan.Consequently, it will be the only host-nationally owned theme complex in Asia.