The influence of ecommerce on the Modern Business

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A survey of academic literature reveals that there are both advantages and disadvantages in resorting to e-commerce. Advantages include lower costs, faster transaction times, and greater convenience in the management of consumer databases. The disadvantages principally concern security measures and the risks of electronic theft and fraud. The report also presents and analyzes the data gathered in a survey conducted among businessmen and customers who use e-commerce, as to the benefits they had experienced as a result of this patronage. The paper concludes with a summary of the report, and insights on the strategic usefulness of this commercial tool in future business transactions. Keywords Electronic commerce, electronic market, modern business, international commerce, EDI, EFT, WWW, information transformation, traditional business, differences. Table of Contents Title Page 1 Abstract 2 Table of Contents 3 Introduction 4 Literature Review 5 E-commerce defined 5 Historical precursors that led to e-commerce 6 E-commerce applications classifications 8 Effects of information technology on electronic commerce 10 Criteria for e-commerce applications 10 Advantages of e-commerce over traditional businesses 15 Future modern business – Issues facing e-commerce in the future 17 Data gathering and analysis 18 Conclusion 25 Bibliography 27 Introduction The topic of this report is about the influences of e-commerce on the modern business. It will include what is e-commerce, give the definitions of e-commerce and explain the different professional nouns, such as B2C, B2B, B2M, B2A/G, C2C and C2A. After that, show the different between e-commerce and the traditional business and how the traditional business has changed today. Furthermore, give the development of e-commerce, show the important impacts of e-commerce, how e-commerce changes since 1970s and what is the main trend of e-commerce in business in different periods. Moreover, it will talk about how e-commerce will influence the trend of modern business. In addition, this report wills main focus on the definitions of the e-commerce and the profession nouns and the development of e-commerce. On the other hand, it also will compare the different between e-commerce, tradition business and the international commerce. Aim: This report aims to achieve the following: (1). Looking for different business ways between e-commerce and traditional. (2) Analysis how e-commerce will influence the future society. (3) Demonstrate the vulnerabilities of e-commerce. Objectives The specific objectives of this paper to attain the abovestated aims are the following: (1) Identify ethical, social issues of e-commerce (2) Give the recommendations and improve e-commerce (3) Make a research of how people think of e-commerce Questions: The report shall seek the answers to the following questions: (1) What are differences between e-commerce and traditional business? (2) What are the benefits and the vulnerabilities of e-commerce? (3) Will e-commerce play an important impact in the future? Literature Review E-commerce defined