The Increase of Competition in All Industrial Sectors

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The above problem is explored in this paper. HR tools and practices are suggested for the limitation of the firm’s HR challenges, as described above. It is concluded that strategies, like the HR audit and the HR benchmark, could significantly help towards the limitation of the firm’s HR gaps. However, it would be necessary that these plans are appropriately monitored in all their phases. the hiring of employees and the training of existing staff should become indispensable elements of the firm’s HR strategy.Through the case study, it is made clear that GS Plumbing faces a series of HR management problems. Alan, as the firm’s HR manager, has the responsibility for the appropriate handling of all relevant problems. As revealed through the case study, Alan is willing to develop the firm’s HR policies. However, delays occur in regard to the achievement of this target. These delays are partially related to the following fact: Alan has to work on administrative tasks that would be normally handled by other members of the staff – referring especially to Gail and Jane. The fact that Alan has to perform tasks like the payroll is worrying, showing that Jane, who is responsible for billing and accounts is not able to respond to all the needs of her position. In other words, the inability of the firm’s administrative staff to complete necessary daily tasks has led to the inability of Alan to concentrate on the firm’s most crucial HR policies. At the same time, problems like increased absence from work, low employee performance (resulted in increased customer complaints), lack of appropriate training of new staff, and lack of trust across the organization need to be appropriately addressed. A solution should be also identified in order to keep existing staff motivated – periodically employees leave the company for the competitors.The HR audit could help to identify all failures in gaps in the firm’s HR policies, helping the firm’s senior managers to understand how ‘HR policies could contribute to the organizational success’.